In an emergency? access help today!

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The Panic Button

The panic button is located on the home screen and when it is pressed it sends your location along with your personal details and device type to your pre-selected emergency contacts

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News and Alerts

When this button is tapped you are presented with news updates from various sources. The news includes latest events and happenings as well as traffic and emergency events

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Nearest Emergency Locations

When this button is tapped on the app, the nearest police stations, hospitals and fire stations are displayed on the map and you can navigate your way to any selected location for help

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Nigerian Emergency Numbers

When this button is tapped on the app, Nigerian emergency numbers are displayed. You can tap on the call now button to call any of the emergency services and you will be promptly responded to

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Covid-19 Questionnaire

When this button is tapped on the app, An interface is displayed where you are asked a series of questions to determine if you need to take a covid-19 test or not.

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